Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish- Fanatic Friday


I was hesitant to post this product as my Fanatic Friday item but so far I have been nothing but smittened by it!  I can’t even recount the amount of times I walked into a Walgreen’s or a Walmart, Sally’s or Target only to stare down the Sally Hansen Gel Polish starter kit and then walk away.  It was a showdown of my frugality and the nail polish’s high price tag.  I would walk out empty handed every time.  Then I saw it, the catchy commercial for miracle gel polish that is cheaper and doesn’t require the LED lamp light.  If I wanted to pay 60 dollars for a nail polish kit I’d just go to the nearest nail salon.

So I recently tried the Miracle Gel when I spotted it at Walmart; surprisingly, I could not locate it at Walgreens.  The color selection was sparse and I could tell it had been picked through pretty well.  I settled for my favorite dark shade of wine.  The color is 460 Wine Stock and I also picked up a very Christmas-time shade of red I believe called Red Eye.  I did my nails on Sunday and it is now Friday and I barely have any chips.  I keep my nails short from routine of keeping short nails for color guard.  I spend about half of my day typing on a keyboard for classwork or actual work-work (lesson plans, etc).  The other half is spent at the gym and a lot on my hands and lifting weights.  On nice days I’m working outside in the garden, washing dishes, cleaning house…nail polish doesn’t last long on me.  Regular nail polish I have to remove within a week because it will chip and be inappropriate for work.  I also have deep ridges in my thumb nails for whatever reason.

So, when I tried this I was skeptical.  I used Wine Stock and applied as the directions stated on the box.  Two coats (although the darker color required more coats) and then 1 coat of the miracle gel.  So far it has been 5/6 days with little to no chips.  Also, an added bonus is that it flattened out my bumpy thumb nails and made them nice and smooth.  I love the gloss effect and how smooth and cured they feel on my nails.  I could never get this affect from regular polish even with a hundred coats of top coat.

I was nervous to post this today because I have not tried to remove the nail polish yet.  That is one unknown that I worry about.  After investigating the cost/reward ratio of the real gel kit I learned that special remover and a polish remover tool was necessary.  Apparently, this stuff is supposed to come off easily without any tools…Just regular remover.  I’ll find out soon…

Have any of you tried the gel kit?  The miracle gel kit?  What is your take on the cost to reward ratio?

I’m not going to lie, I still think about the full priced gel manicure set… 😦


Thankfully it’s Thursday

For a teacher just about to start her Winter Break, that is what I am thankful for this Thursday.  Tomorrow is a half day and at 1pm I will be a free woman for the next two weeks!!

This week has been a lot of fun.  After leaving my high school English position in the city and moving to the reading specialist title in a rural elementary school I have thoroughly enjoyed my pre-winter break week here.  I started my new position in February so this is my first time spending the holiday with the kiddos.

They are what I am truly thankful for this week.  Yesterday I had a small break which allowed me to venture down to the cafetorium to watch the kindergartner’s perform their annual holiday concert.  They did many pieces ranging from “The Alphabet Song” (A,A,A, ah, ah, ah, ant ant ant) “The Color Song”, “Green Grass Grows all Around”, and “I Believe I Can Fly”.  I’m not going to lie, I did tear up watching five year olds talking about soaring and believing they can fly.  It was a strange hopefulness I felt for them; that maybe they’ll be the generation that fixes everything.  I know it is idealistic but we’ve got to raise better children in order for the world to be better.

So, that is what I am thankful for this week.  I am thankful on this eve of Friday to have a relaxing 2 week vacation but I am even more thankful for the students i now work with which restored my hope in children/teens and restored my love of teaching.

What are you thankful for on this lovely yet chilly Thursday??

Leave it in the comments below, i’d love to hear.

P.S. Thank you for all of those who have chosen to follow my blog and like my posts.  You’re awesome!!

Black Raspberry Devils Food Cookie- Tasty Tuesday

This was probably one of the easiest cookies I have ever made in my life and let me tell you…I only make easy cookies.  My mother’s family is known for their Lekvar cookies and Lekvar roll, Nut roll, Nut tossie, and Kiffles among other countless Hungarian desserts.  However, those genes did not transfer directly to me.

cookie cake mixPlus I’m more of a color out of the line, beat to my own drum while doing so type of gal.  So as you could figure, following a strict recipe is not my style 🙂

I used an old church cookbook: the kind the old church ladies sell after mass to raise funds for the church.  Inside were A LOT of Pennsylvania dutch recipes: Shit on a Shingle not to be forgotten.  But I did find a short recipe to turn any box cake mix into cookie dough. (i’m aware this is not a new discovery btw)  However, I had to add my own twist which is always preceded with a ransacking of cabinets to find other ingredients I can throw in the mix….Which is where I found an extra can of raspberry pie filling from a Jello-O No Bake Cheesecake (see what i mean about easy?!)  as well as a bag of Chocolate Melts from a s’more experiment.

To turn the boxed cake mix into cookie dough I used:

  • 1 box of Betty Crocker  Super Moist Devil’s Food Cake
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 c vegetable oil

Mix the three ingredients together, I used a spoon because it was too thick for my hand mixer.  I’ve been told one 15oz box of cake mix will yield 24 cookies but I always make my balls too big 😦

Some I placed on a regular cookie tin to bake and when I ran out of room (because I only have one tin) I used a cupcake tin.  If you want regular cookies (that’s boring) use a cookie tin, if you want my raspberry delights, use a cupcake tin.

Bake for 8-10 minutes at 350 degrees I had to let my cupcakes in for about 9.5 minutes because they were thicker.

When the cookies come out I took a small 1/2 teaspoon measuring spoon and made a little indent in each cookie.  Then I took that same spoon and scooped out the raspberry pie filling and put it into the indentation. Afterwards, I melted the chocolate melts and drizzled that on top of the cookies.  I pat myself on the back for coming up with this because when the chocolate returned to a hardened state it helped hold the raspberry filling in place (proud cookie momma!)

I thought the chocolate and raspberry flavors would really compliment each other and boy did they.  Hope you enjoy this quick and easy recipe.

I can assure you that no one else will show up to the party with these and while everyone walks past the mountain of sugar cookies, yours will be the standout!!

Is it really Maybelline??- Makeup Monday

maybelline lipstick 12.15.14

Recently I began loving Maybelline products. Yes, I know, I was pleasantly surprised myself but seeing as the price point is reasonable, the product is improving and there are always coupons for their newest lines makes it that much more appealing.

As of about 2 months ago I began using the Maybelline stay matte powder and foundation.  I have repurchased the powder three times and I am currently on my second tube of foundation.  This Stay Matt line really does the trick and keeps my face matte most of the day.  By the time I am leaving work I am just beginning to see a slight bit of shine on my forehead, nose and chin.

On top of that, I usually must rush from work into my fitness attire and off to the gym.  Most nights I don’t have a chance to wash or wipe off the leftover makeup but it causes me no problems at the gym and not even any breakouts; however, I always was off before bedtime.

That being said, this past weekend I purchased one of Maybelline Color Sensational Matt lipsticks in the shade Lust for Blush.  I feel like I am always searching for that perfect shade that is just alluding my grasp.

Unfortunately, Lust for Blush is not that perfect  shade for me but it’s closer than some that I have purchased.  The price point is reasonable, the scent of the lipstick is clean and fresh and resembles the scent of the Stay Matt Powder.

When swatched, the color payoff is bright as well as when applied to the lip.  Unlike most matte lipsticks it is not difficult to apply, no feathering off the lip line but I would recommend applying a lip primer beforehand.  Dry lips will be emphasized with this lipstick so I recommend some sort of primer.  I applied a clear chap-stick over top which I knew was a mistake the second I put it on.  The matte lipstick began to clump and became extremely flaky.  It may have been the chap-stick but that had never happened in the past.

Overall, I would try another shade in my quest to pin down the perfect shade for my complexion.  I am sure there are other , better matte lipstick brands out there but the for the price, the creamy texture and availability, I would choose Maybelline every time.

Until next time !!!!


I ran how many miles?!?

Early, December morning chill, thrilled to be running 10 miles pose :)

Early, December morning chill, thrilled to be running 10 miles pose 🙂

I may have fallen off the horse a few months ago but recently I have gotten back on that proverbial horse and I am trying so hard to keep the gallop going.  Yesterday I ran my second ever 10 miler.  Granted I have ran two half marathons as well but that was before I fell off that horse I mentioned earlier and had to start from square one.  As I slowly increased my mileage to include 5 miles, 6 miles and then 7 and 8 miles I realized I could do 10 and survive.  It was a relaxing, flat course around the Joint base at   Langley and Eustis/Air-force Base.  The scenery was beautiful: water views, base housing, planes and men in uniform 😉 Not only was there a 10miler but a 5k option as well for those not quite ready for 10 miles.  Every mile of the course was well marked and volunteers were at every turn or confusing portion to direct traffic.  The 5k did not include any water stops; however, the 10 miler had 3 water stops throughout.  My only critique is that finisher medals were given to every runner and only the first place runner in each age group received a plaque.  Since I was second in my age group it may be somewhat subjective when I say that I wish a plaque was given to first through third in each age group.  But, I do realize there were not many finishers.  I believe there were only 14-15 runners in the 5k and about 100 total runners.  This was a predominately male race and getting registration in early was a must due to the location of the race on an air-force base.    Overall, I would gladly run this race again not only to support the troops but for the views and the mellow vibe.

The racing season may have ended for some but I feel like my season is just beginning.  As I train for the quickly approaching full marathon in March, I am pushing myself as far as I can go.  This was just another race along the way but I truly enjoyed myself.