Every race has some hills.

It’s funny when you read a course description for a 5k, 8k, 10k or even half and full marathons.  Almost every course description says, “fast, flat run”.  If you have ran the race before you scoff at the lies in the description.  If you have never ran the race before you curse the description around mile 1 or 2 while you battle the hills on the “fast, flat race.”

No matter what the course description says, I have learned to ignore the fact that it will be flat and easy.  That is never the case, even with life.  There are hills to climb even when you’re not expecting them.  Even when someone or something tells you that it’s a smooth downhill run.  I’ve learned to repeat the motto during incline races: ” Where there is an up, there must be a down.”  I said this throughout the Run for the Dream Half Marathon in Williamsburg where I had been told it was a smooth, flat race.  By mile 8, it was not.  It was a constant climb through trail and pavement with curves and a road pitch that killed the ankles.  That’s where I came up with that line as I struggled to keep up with the 2:15 pace team.  That mantra has been used on more than just a race course.  Lately, I feel like i’m using it more than ever!

At work we started a biggest loser weight loss challenge and I agreed to participate.  After this winter and going through some hard times and learning to be single, I could definitely use the motivation to lose some pounds I stored.  Well I haven’t lost.  Actually, I gained two pounds and the flat easy course became an uphill battle.

Spring break is one day away and the days are getting warmer and longer.  I am hoping that I can work on motivating myself both in the kitchen and outside.  Somewhere I lost my motivation almost like those slow inclines that you can’t tell are there.  I don’t know the exact moment I lost motivation to stopped caring and let myself go but before I knew it I was in the middle of a hill that I still have a long way to climb.

Today I start my new diet and over spring break I am going to cleanse myself and detoxify my body from all the junk I loaded into it.  If anyone is interested I start today and will journal as I go.  My first 5 days are planned:


Day 1- Fruit Smoothie

Day 2- Granola and fruit

Day 3- Fruit Smoothie

Day 4- Oatmeal and fruit parfait

Day 5- Banana Nice Cream


Day 1- Regular Salad

Day 2- Salad wrap

Day 3- Cabbage soup

Day 4- fruit and veggie salad

Day 5- Cucumber, tomatoes & pepper vinegar salad


Day 1- Artichoke veggie dump with rice

Day 2- Chickpea and sweet potato

Day 3- Artichoke veggie dump with rice (leftovers)

Day 4- Mushroom fajitas

Day 5-  Leftovers or pasta night

As you can tell I’m trying to stick with the fruit for breakfast, salads/greens/plants for lunch and more meals for dinner.  I can’t wait to get up this hill and finally enjoy the downward run.


Wishing you all the best spring breaks and Easter!

Alli Kay


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