Single and Ready to Mingle…

Well world, I’m single!  As the crickets chirp in the background…

I never thought when I got engaged at 20 that by 29 I would be single and unwed.  At the time all my friends where single and not really ready to be tied down to anything in particular.  Now, I’m 29 and one of my best friends has two children and my other best friend will soon be working on number two in her marriage.  How things change!

I guess it’s life’s poetic justice that the one who thought she was so much more set in life would be the one so unset while everyone else settled in years ago.

Now, that’s not to say that it has all been in vain.  Yes, I am 29 soon going on 30 and single feeling my ovaries shriveling and drying up (TMI??) But, oh the lesson’s I’ve learned.

I’ve learned never to trust someone to the point that you are willing to leave everything behind and jump wholeheartedly and blindly into a major life decision.

I’ve learned that you learn so very much about a person just by living with them for a few short months, enough to show you the true side of their laziness and just plain disregard for partnership and cooperation.

And finally, as of this last relationship, the longest one thus far just shy of five years, that people do change.  I had always been told that “people don’t change.”  That if they cheat, lie, deceive or abuse they will always cheat, lie deceive or abuse.  What they failed to mention was that they do change but it’s a one way ticket toward the worse.

People who are bad usually never get good but people who are good can easily turn bad.  I guess a rotten apple can never unwind time but a beautiful, red, crisp apple can surely turn rotten from the inside out in no time.

So, i’m trying to get back out there and well…it’s not easy but it sure is hilarious.

I will be blogging my adventures…and in the few short days I’ve reopened myself up to the idea of dating it’s already been a roller coaster.  I can’t wait to tell you all about it!



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