It’s Friday, Friday, We’re gunna get down on Friday!!

Actually, no.  I will most likely NOT be getting down this Friday due to a cold that my lovely elementary schoolers gifted me.  I woke up yesterday feeling extra tired. I mean who doesn’t feel tired after going to bed at 12am and waking up at 5am?  But on my hour drive to work I could feel the swelling in my throat just beginning and I knew.  By the end of the work day, my throat was burning and my nose was building its blockade.  Today, I sit here at my desk on planning block and shiver.  I’ve been taking medicine as well as Zicam which I blindly believe will cure this cold faster…we’ll see about that.

However, today there is a chill in the air, I am feeling under the weather as I usually do at the start of each school year, and the leaves are starting to turn which can only mean one thing.  My favorite time of the year is approaching!  Sweater weather, and tea…Hoodies and boots…heaters and hot showers!  These are the days that make me want to get work done so I can relax inside the rest of the day.

Therefore, I am looking for a quick and easy crochet pattern for this weekend.  Although Saturday looks to be busy:

  • Volunteer at Mulberry Half-marathon and 5k with the Penninsula Track Club
  • Swim at Chris’ pool
  • Work on some intervention ideas for my struggling readers
  • Bike and Run

I hope that I can fit in some warm snuggle time with my pups and a skein of yarn.  I found this:

button cowl

It looks beautiful.  I’m not sure yet what color I will use but I have plenty of skeins and this pattern assures me it will only take 1.5 and should be completed in a weekend.  It is the Margaret Button Cowl by Jennifer Dickerson on the Fiber Flux blog.  I simply searched “weekend crochet patterns” on Pinterest.

We shall put the pattern to the crochet Pinter-test this weekend and if it can be done I will snap a pic for you!

Wish me luck…Is it 3:30pm yet???



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