I’m going to miss you Christmas

Winter Break has been exceptionally good to me this year.  The rest was much needed and deserved.  I know I am well rested and relaxed when I have lost track of the day of the week.  Until 2pm today I could have sworn it was Thursday…oops!  With that said I am eagerly awaiting New Years.  All 2014 year long I have made a list of resolutions I would start in the New Year of 2015.  Some would call that procrastinating..but I call it preparing and looking ahead to the future 🙂  It’s all in your perception.

1.  Health will continue to be at the forefront- although I thought it was this year, only to end up yo-yo-ing my weight and weighing exactly the same at the end of 2014 as I started it.

2.  Running will continue as well as the search for innumerable reasons that I can find each day not to run- the rain, the wind, “oh it’s too sunny out”, I don’t have warm enough running clothes…

3.  Vlogging may be something I try.  I’ve watched the you-tubers I subscribe to for years now and it’s to the point where I say: “My life is the same amount of uneventful as theirs; I can do that too.”  Mainly, I want to add one more piece of technology to my plate that I’m sure I can’t swallow…Most likely I’ll choke on it.

4.  My book will get finished- now hear me when I say “finished”, I didn’t say published.  I highly doubt it will ever be published but a girl can dream right?

5.  I will start my next book on the teaching profession.  Perusing the education books at Barnes and Noble has shown me just how seriously educators want to be taken when I know for a fact what a joke they are.  My fiance and I have collected stories and ideas during our years in the teaching profession for a collection that we have always wanted to write.  I’ve always thought that when you get an idea for a book you would want to read you should go ahead and write it.  Maybe we can add something with a little spice to the bland shelf.

Now for your entertainment some Christmas pictures and restful pups:

Christmas 2014-1 Christmas 2014-2 Christmas 2014-3


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